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I come to the massage world from the art/creative fields.  I studied art in college and graduated with a BA in painting from Boise State University.


Throughout my life I have worked in various creative jobs, including hair styling, fine art framing and gallery assisting, floral design, and jewelry design (with beads/metals). I left Boise for a job in creative San Francisco. After a few years working there, I met my husband, David, and we moved back to Idaho. Shortly after returning to Boise in 2004, I enrolled in the Idaho School of Massage Therapy and haven’t looked back since.


I was called to be a massage therapist, because: 1) I had always had an interest in and dabbled with massage; and 2) I had studied, loved, and drawn the body/structures in school; and then 3) I had trained in (and loved) chair massage while working for Aveda Corp in the Bay Area. I also have an inner science geek, as I grew up in a science and engineering home. 


While I do all types of massage, my passion is deep tissue work. I have a good knowledge of human anatomy and of how our muscles work together. I love helping to restore function and balance to bodies that have become imbalanced, painful, and overworked. I use various modalities (trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cross-fiber, and neuromuscular techniques) to achieve my goals of helping restore wellness.  


I do my job with the understanding that we are complicated beings: Mind, Body and Spirit. What affects one part, affects the whole.

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