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Blades of Grass

Janet Kaufman, PhD, CPM
Communication Coaching,
ation, Mediation

Call/Text  (801) 574-6630


communication coaching, facilitation, and mediation

for individuals, couples, families, and workplaces

Janet holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, and is an Idaho Certified Professional Mediator with the Idaho Mediation Association. She is co-founder and co-author of The Grump Meter, a tool that supports compassionate communication and emotional self-regulation for families, schools, and health care professionals.  Janet partners with schools, nonprofits, and workplaces to create inclusive, connected environments for living and growing, learning and working.

Janet offers communication coaching, facilitation, and mediation for individuals, couples/families, and workplaces. People turn to her when they want to navigate or prepare for difficult conversations, or carve out a new path to address a problem or conflict more effectively. Over decades of experience, she has seen people resolve conflicts and navigate challenges big and small, in their personal and work lives, through empathic awareness and communication that helps us hear and be heard, and understand our own needs and those of others. This work is not therapy or counseling, but short-term conversations, with communication tools and practice, that help people find responses leading to deeper connection, dignity, and peace. As a coach and mediator, parent, teacher, and author, Janet’s work is grounded in frameworks of emotional self-regulation, mediation, and the international work of Nonviolent Communication.

Call, text or email for a short “meet and greet,” or to schedule:

(801) 574-6630

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