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Fern Plant


Fern Plant
James Trapp DC

James Trapp, DC

James Trapp D.C. is a wellness renaissance man. With a dedicated clientele in the Treasure Valley, he utilizes advanced chiropractic and nutritional services in a relaxed and casual environment. James is a seasoned college professor and brings his well-rounded professional and educational experience to address your individual health.

Call to book: (208) 571-9567

Fern Plant


This is the key component here in our office.  This practice addresses the neurological, muscular, and skeletal system. We do more than just align your spine.



The are so many things that contribute to misaligned spines. Posture, weight, injuries, heavy lifting, poor diet, or your feet are all culprits. We check for imbalances, which most people have and correct them using custom orthotics. Custom orthotics support your foot's natural arch which can be weakened over time. We are proud to offer these orthotics using Foot Levelers.


 With proper nutrition, your body can heal itself much easier. To achieve this you need a healty diet, exercise, and quality supplements. For this reason we recommend Standard Process.

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